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Dial Up Networking

Dial Up Networking is a subsystem within Windows 95 that, among many things, allows you to connect to the Internet. Before installing Dial Up Networking, ensure that TCP/IP is installed in Network Properties.
In order to configure Dial Up Networking after Windows 95 has been installed, follow these steps;
1) In the control pannel, double click on 'Add/Remove Programs'.

2) In the 'Add/Remove Programs Properties' click on the 'Windows Setup' tab. Then, in the 'Components' list click on communications and click details.

3) In the 'Communications' window, click on 'Dial Up Networking', then click OK

3) Windows will now prompt you for your Windows 95 CD or disks and when the files are done being copied ,a folder called 'Dial Up Networking' will appear in the 'My Computer' folder on your desktop.

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