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System News

Last update on: May 17, 1997

The pager number for TIC Technical Support is: 470-1171. Please page if you are having serious problems.

It has come to our attention that some modems may not work with the new PPP set up. If your modem is reporting "ERROR" with the new login.cmd script for trumpet then download this login script and install it in your trumpet directory. Then you must go the the Trumpet FILE menu and select PPP OPTIONS. Click on the "Use Password Authentication Protocol(PAP)" button to turn it off. Then, download this new trumpwsk.ini Trumpet initialization file. Save it on top of the old trumpwsk.ini file. This should fix the problem.

We now have more information pages for members. The useage pages now allow you to check detailed information on your logins. We have also added a "Billing Information" page with your address and phone number information. Please check this out. If it is incorrect or non-existent, you can submit updates from the pages. Please check these out and let us know if there are any problems, errors or inconsistencies

We are now running 33.6 Kbps V.34/V.FC modems on all our lines. For maximum throughput, we recommend that you set your computer to modem speed at the highest rate possible, typically 115.2Kbps for 28.8 modems and 57.6Kbps for 14.4K modems. Check your modem manual for details.

Our 128Kbps ISDN Backbone connection is now up and running, providing much better response times for Internet activities.

Please check here periodically for information and updates about the TIC System.

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