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Eudora 1.52 is an electronic mail tool for Windows 3.11.

Configuration Tips

Eudora comes partially preconfigured for TIC clients; however there is some personal data that the client will have to enter:
1. Click on the Configuration command from the Special menu.
2. Enter your e-mail address in the POP Account:


The other settings can be left blank.

Password Tips

Note: TIC does not currently support the Change Password command in the Special menu. Do not use this command, as it will not work and will probably mess up your current SLIP connection. Passwords can be changed using TIC's Unix shell. Click here for more information on changing passwords with Unix

Eudora Docs

Eudora Documentation can be downloaded in text format

System Requirements

Eudora for MS Windows requires the following:	
	- IBM PC compatible machine
	- MS Windows Version 3.1or higher
	- WinSock v1.1 compliant TCP/IP stack
	- Microsoft (or compatible) mouse (highly recommended)
	- At least 900KB of free disk space (more depending on mailbox sizes)

Configuration Options

The following text is excerpted from the 'readme' file installed with eudora.

    POP Account:     This should be set to the address where you receive
                     your mail. The entry must be entered in the following
			TIC members:
                     This is a required field on this screen.

    SMTP Server:     This should be set to the address of a machine that
                     supports SMTP. If the machine that your POP account is
                     on supports SMTP, you need not fill this in (Eudora will
                     use the machine your POP account is on to deliver mail

    Return Address:  This should be set to the address of how you wish your
                     return address to appear in mail that you send.  If your
                     POP account (as shown above) is also your return address
                     then you can leave this field blank also.

    Real Name:	     This is field you can use to fill in your actual name
                     (i.e. John Smith) and it will be appended to the 
                     return address in messages you send, enclosed in 

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