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T C P / I P

TCP/IP is the protocol that computers use to communicate across the internet. This protocol is built into Windows and requires no third party software to install.

In order to configure install and configure TCP/IP, follow the steps below.

1) First, click on the 'Start' button.
2)Go to Settings then click on the Control Panel icon.

3) In the 'Control Panel', double click on the'Network' icon.

4) Once in the 'Network Properties' window, you must ensure that TCP/IP is installed. If it is not click on the 'Add' button, select 'Protocols'.

5)Then click on the Add button select Protocols.

6)Select 'Microsoft', Scroll down to TCP/IP if you have an installation disk click on Have Disk. You will then be prompted to insert your Windows 98 CD or Disks in order to copy the needed files.

Your computer will promt you to reboot then TCP/IP will be installed. If you have already installed Dial Up Networking you are ready to configure the Dial Up Adapter.

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