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Virtual Wordwide Web Server

Dreaming of having your very own Web Server?

Don't feel like spending big bucks on buying the hardware and dedicated internet feed that is required?


Rent a "Virtual Server" from TIC!

For a resonable cost, you can have a Web Server at and email to:
This gives your company a unique address on the Internet and is not associated in any way with any other organization. Prospective clients will not have to wade through unrelated material to get to your pages. For all intents and purposes, it looks like you have your own "Internet Show".

This is also a good short term soulution for testing the Internet waters if you are considering a dedicated Web Server. You can try the server without a large captial outlay and, if successful, you can expand to your own hardware.

Your Virtual Domain includes:

Costs are as follows:

Initial Set-up Fees:

Monthly Fees:

Yearly Fees: - (after first year)

Please Note:

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