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Internet Working Solutions

We can analyze your internetworking requirements and provide the most cost effective solution, from simple access accounts to full dedicated Internet servers.

If you are already connected to the Internet, we can provide:

IP Address and Domain Name Registration

  • Domain management and routing $75 cdn. per year)
  • Internet Application development ($75 cdn. per hour)

    Dedicated Internet Server

    If you have existing LAN/WAN in your business and wish to provide Internet services for your users, you may want to consider a dedicated Internet server. When linked to your existing network, the server provides a gateway to the Internet for your users. It can also be configured as a firewall for security. The server provides Email and USENET News services plus other support services for Internet use. If required, you may also set up server software for the Worldwide Web, FTP and others. You may also configure your system to allow dial up access for your users.

    There are basically two Internet feed options, dial-on-demand and dedicated. Dial-on-demand is set up to make the phone connection to the Internet when required. For this option, you would pay hourly usage fees. The dedicated link is on-line 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    The advantages of a dedicated server are:

    Intermediate Server

    This package is suitable for a small - medium existing LAN installation.

    Heavy Duty Server

    This package is suitable for installations that serve users through a larger LAN/WAN configuration.

    NOTE: All costs are approximate and are subject to a formal quote. Any applicable taxes are extra.

    Dedicated Line Information

    This is a permanent link to the Internet dedicated to you 24 hours a day. This type of connection is ideal for groups or companies wishing to provide their own Internet Presence (ie: Web Server, Gopher Server or FTP site). This connection also allows your group to provide dial-up Internet access to members or employees.

    All dedicated connections are subject to a set up fee.

    Note: 7% GST will be added to all invoices.

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